Onepixelshift, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, is in the business of helping businesses, large and small, understand and embrace social media. Our success lies in the fact that we strive to understand our clients’ business first and foremost. With a clear picture of the business, we’re able to devise a social media and digital marketing plan that is highly-aligned with their organization’s mission and strategies.

We take the time to educate our clients without rushing them into a solution that ultimately may not be right for them. Whether they’re looking to conduct blogger outreach, have a Facebook presence, or get a handle on content marketing, we can help.

Beyond Social Media Marketing, our other areas of expertise include:

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Paid Search
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Analytics Analysis
  • Website Production
  • Website Design/Usability
  • E-mail Marketing

Our previous clients and their respective industries include:

  • Telecom:
    • Bell Sympatico
  • Non-Profit:
    • CERIC (Canadian Education Research Institute for Counselling)
    • Canadian Olympic Committee
  • High-Tech:
    • ATI Technologies Inc.
  • Broadcasting:
    • MSNBC
  • Financial Services:
    • AIMCo (Alberta Investment Management Corporation)
    • Manulife Financial
    • Sun Life Financial

Talk to us today at onepixelshift@gmail.com


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